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How to create a room

  1. Log into mashme using Administrator credentials
  2. Enter the Accounts Portal (How to access the Accounts Portal) and select "Session Management"
  3. Click on "New Room"
  4. Enter the Attributes of the room:
    • Avatar picture
    • Room Name
    • Type - Room of the Future (fixed seat positions) or Delegate (dynamic layout)
    • Room Layout and Capacity (only available for RotF type) - the capacities vary depending on the number of screens in room and the seats layout chosen (see related article Room of the Future Layouts)
  5. Add members to the room - two options:
    • Individually (only available for RotF) - choose one seat and enter Participant's name and email address
    • In bulk ("Multiple Input" option) - provide name and email (for RotF, provide also seat position) for several participants at a time, using the format specified in the text box
  6. Choose which of these Participants will act as Remote Presenters (no limit)
  7. When all mandatory fields have been filled in, the "Create" button will become available
  8. The room will be created and the associated launching code presented, as well as the option to directly create a session within the room

*  please Note:  The use of the special characters  (  and )  are not supported for room names.

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