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Mentimeter Integration - Best Practices


a. Preparing content ahead of a session

  1. Go to www.mentimeter.com and Log In or Sign Up
    • The free account offers multiple editing and presenting options; premium accounts allow additional features but require payment
    • Become familiar with Mentimeter as an external application before trying to integrate it into mashme
      • Mentimeter allows the presenter to create interactive presentations with features such as live polls, quizzes, Q&A’s and many more; participants give feedback anonymously, meaning authentic responses without fear of retribution
      • Mentimeter Help page contains several tutorials with easy step-by-step videos: https://help.mentimeter.com/en/
  2. Create your Mentimeter presentation at My Presentations > New
    • Mentimeter includes many editable templates, in case you do not want to manage your presentation from scratch: https://www.mentimeter.com/app/templates
    • When creating the content, be careful to choose the appropriate settings for each slide/presentation (they can be modified afterwards):
      • Slide options: entries per participant, let participant submit multiple times, enable emoji reactions , turn on/off questions from audience, reset results, etc.
      • Presentation access restrictions, such as:
        • “Who can join and vote on this presentation?” “Anyone with the link, code or QR” / “No-one (closed)”
        • “Temporary voting code?” 2 days / 7 days / (14 days for premium)
        • Settings > “Presenter Pace” (default settings) / “Audience Pace”
          • “Presenter Pace” → Presenter changes slides and so does their audience
            • “The audience can only proceed in the presentation when you switch slide”
          • “Audience Pace” → Participants can change and vote through the slides
            • “The audience start from the first question and proceed at their own pace”
    • Presentations can be simple or more complex (single-slide or multiple)
  3. Navigate to More > Share, then copy the two links corresponding to:

b. How to integrate with Mashme

  1. Enter the Mashme room as Presenter or Remote Presenter
  2. Create 2 different resources (Vote and Live Results) for each Mentimeter Presentation you want to embed
    • Go to  Present > Create > Mentimeter; enter a name and a link:
      • name - be careful to differentiate both files: Participation and Presentation
      • link - use the corresponding for each action, provided in the “share” option in Mentimeter
    • Click on “Create” and the embedded file will open; close it on the top right corner
      • Embedded files are hidden by default, but you can make them visible to participants
    • Mashme has an information icon on the Insert Mentimeter page with instructions
  3. For hybrid use of the room, share also in the room:
    • The QR code - upload it as a resource
    • The Voting code - paste it in the room chat (or save it for later)
  4. Mentimeter App may be closed now that the integration process is finished:
    • For simple presentations (Voting or Presenting Results), Mentimeter App is not needed anymore, as the session can be fully controlled from the embedded content in the mashme room (alternating between Voting and Live Results links and unlocking the file)
    • For complex presentations, the use of the Mentimeter App will depend on each step:
      • Voting stage, depending on the Mentimeter settings of the Presentation:
        • If “Presenter Pace” (default) is set,  Presenter needs to control the presentation from the Mentimeter App (to change slides) as well as from the Mashme room (to unlock the file)
        • If settings are changed to “Audience Pace”, participants can (once unlocked in Mashme) move through the slides and vote/participate, regardless if Presenter has the Mentimeter App open in another tab
      • While Presenting results, Mentimeter App is not needed at all 

c. Presenting during a live session

c1. Participation

  1. Open the Participation file from within the Mashme room (it will also open for all the audience)
  2. Unlock it, by clicking on the padlock, to allow remote users participate (vote, react, answer)
    • Note that, after unlocking the padlock, the Mashme embedded file will still have the limitations set into Mentimeter App on “Who can join and vote on this presentation?”
  3. All virtual users (Participants, Remotes and even Presenter) will be able to collaborate within Mashme
    • For hybrid use of the room, the in-room participants can interact with the presentation in 3 ways:
      • Go to www.menti.com/ and enter the numeric code (shared via room chat, for ex)
      • Scan the QR code that the Presenter has previously opened/unhidden in the room
      • Open a browser and type the Voting link URL (shared previously via room chat, for ex)
    • Note that the code expires, whereas the QR and URL are permanent
  4. For multiple-slide presentations, if set to ‘Presenter Pace’ (default), Presenter will need to control them from the Mentimeter App as well:
    • Login Mentimeter account in another tab, open the Presentation and Present it
      • As Presenter changes focus by moving from one slide to another, the audience will be able to vote/participate in each one of them
      • The participants will receive messages with instructions, such as:
        • “Please wait for the presenter to show the next slide. / Has the slide not changed? Refresh”
        • “The presenter has changed slide. / Go to slide or Cancel”
    • Note that in single-slide presentations, or in multiple with settings changed to “Audience Pace”, the Presenter does not need to open the Mentimeter App at all in this stage
  5. Once Participation is over, close the file in the Mashme room (it will close for videowall and participants)

c2. Results Presentation

  1. Open the Presentation file from within the Mashme room to share the Live Results with the audience
  2. Unlock it, by clicking on the padlock
  3. All virtual users will see the results (votes, reactions, answers) within Mashme asynchronously
    • Note that the Mentimeter App is not required here at any point and that the settings for “Presenter or Audience Pace” make no difference as well
    • Single-slide presentations show the results right away, even with the padlock closed (unless they are interactive, such as videos, in which padlock has to be open to play them)
    • In multiple-slide presentations, the right and left little arrows (bottom left corner) allow Participants to move through the slides (once the padlock is open) and check all the results

As an alternative to opening the Participation and Presentation links within the Mashme room, Presenter can:

  1. Unhide the embedded files, allowing the virtual Participants to use them as in room-resources
  2. When each Participant clicks on ”download” on an embedded file, this will open in a new tab, looking and behaving exactly as if they had pasted the Participation/Presentation link URLs in the new tab
  3. They will then be able to vote on them or check the different results, moving through the slides with no need of the Presenter unlocking the padlock within Mashme (again, voting on multiple-slides will only be available if Presentation is set to “Audience Pace”)

Note that this option may look easier to use, but the Presenter will have no clue nor control over what/if the virtual Participants are opening, voting or checking

e. Summary Table

The following chart summarises the behaviour of the Mentimeter integration within Mashme, regarding both the Participant and the Presenter experiences

f. Further information

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