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Mentimeter - Advantages

Advantages of using the Mentimeter integration within Mashme

  • In room resources: all files are stored and available in the Mashme room
    • If made visible, Participants can see and even participate before/after the session takes place
    • The collaboration in Mashme embedded material is automatically updated in the respective Mentimeter Presentation
  • Mashme adds an extra control step over the Presentations, with the padlock being closed by default when opening a resource in the room
  • The audience will not need to register or log into Mentimeter to be able to interact during the presentations, exactly as when using Mentimeter outside Mashme
    • The Presenter, obviously, needs to create a Mentimeter account (it can be a free one)
  • Virtual Participants do not need an extra device to vote or collaborate, nor need to open additional tabs
    • In-room participants (hybrid use of the room) will need a device to vote/collaborate
  • Participants & Presenter do not need to download or install any application or program (as opposed to other video-conferencing tools)
  • Presenter does not necessarily have to interact with Mashme and Mentimeter at the same time
    • If correctly configured, they can fully manage Mentimeter presentations from within Mashme
    • However, they can always edit (create or modify) content on the fly, by logging into their Mentimeter account in another tab
  • No need to screenshare the Mentimeter presentation (although this option is available if the Presenter wants to share the content in a synchronised way)

How to use Mentimeter without the Mashme integration?

Screenshare in Mashme, open Mentimeter in another tab and control the Presentation from there; all Participants (remote and in-room) will vote using the 3 options Mentimeter offers (code, QR code or voting link)

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