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Mentimeter Polls vs Mashme Polls

Mashme Polls vs Mentimeter Polls

Results anonymity

  • Mashme Polls offer 3 different types:
    • anonymous (results only show percentages on each answer, even for the Presenter)
    • blind (with the possibility of showing results at the end)
    • open (every participant can see what the others are voting real time)
  • Mentimeter Polls are always anonymous
    • In case of using Quizzes option, and only if Participants provide their real names, the results will be shown in the “Leaderboard” slide (if added to the Presentation)

Ease of use

  • Mashme Polls are quicker to create and launch during a live session
  • Mentimeter Polls need to be created on Mentimeter App (hence, register) and imported to Mashme

Poll options

  • Mashme Polls allow single votes on multiple-answer questions
  • Mentimeter offers many different types of Polls (multiple and open answers, addition of images, Word Clouds, Segmentation on combined answers, Pin on Image questions, etc) and the possibility of sharing the correct answer, as well as many other Presentation capabilities (including videos and hyperlinks in the content)

In room resources

  • Both Polls are stored as room resources and can be made visible for participants as any other file in a Mashme room; both can as well be used in the Main Room or in Split Groups
  • Mentimeter Polls results are also stored in the Presentation in Mentimeter App

Hybrid use of the room (remote and in-room participants at a time)

  • Virtual participants’s experience is similar for Mashme and Mentimeter Polls
    • They only need to have open the mashme room page and vote on the content box when the Presenter opens the poll
    • They will see the results there as well, in case the Presenter wants to display them
  • Physical participants cannot vote on mashme polls unless they are a member of the virtual room, whereas in Mentimeter they can, using a device (smartphone, tablet, computer)

Comparison chart

The following chart sums app the differences in behaviour with Mashme and Mentimeter-integrated polls:

COMPARISONMashme PollsMentimeter Polls
Results visibility options
Ease of use
Poll options
In room resources
Main Room and Splits
Virtual _ remote participants
Hybrid _ in-room participants

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